A town on the borderlands overlooking a valley

The Town of Uld, Part One | Opulent

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This article was originally found on the Grinning Rat Publications Medium account. It has been brought over and made free for viewers. Note: Some ideas and considerations may be out of date.

At the beginning of this series, I explained my desire to follow the principles of old school play. Namely:

  • High lethality
  • An open world
  • No pre-written plot
  • An emphasis on creative problem-solving
  • An exploration-based reward system
  • A healthy disregard for encounter balance and a focus more on collaborative worldbuilding

(As an aside, if you want to read more about the basis for the campaign, please see the first article in this series: “What is ‘Opulent’?”)

I feel that going into depth on the people that live in the town, the plots, or even the immediate locations within the town betray how I want to handle discussing locations within this world.

The two bolded bullets above are my signposts for how to discuss these things, so I should trust them. No plots, just potential encounters.

Therefore, here are twenty things that might describe the people living in Uld. The idea is that I would roll on this table prior to running a party through Opulent to determine who the people in town actually are. This would help set a certain tone, and would ensure that I’m not pre-writing certain plots ahead of time.

Future articles will cover threats, specific NPCs, and other things related to the town that are relevant to the players. But for now: